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How we work

Scientific interlocutor

We offer a unique alliance between design and science at a Ph.D. level. In that way, discussions on technical aspects are efficient and rapid, and the accuracy of scientific elements is guaranteed.

Tailor-made creations

The originality of the designs and their consistency with your values ​​and brand is essential. Our designs are always adapted according to your technology, target, and message. As a result, you get a coherent and homogeneous identity.

Iterative process

Transparency and complete visibility over the creation process is mandatory for a successful project. Thus, we regularly present to you interim drafts to collect your feedback. Therefore, the final result precisely matches your initial idea and is always delivered on time.

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Who we are

Biopixia is located in the south of France (Montpellier) and was created in 2020 by Veronika Vikova, Ph.D. in biology and bioinformatics.

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