Graphic design dedicated to science

We combine science and graphic design to  help you present the concepts that make your innovation unique 

Why combine science and design?

Innovations and biological concepts that constitute them can be complex to communicate to an audience of different scientific levels.

Compared to reading a text, visual elements are faster, easier to understand, and have more impact.

We create designs that allow your audience to quickly and easily understand your technology and innovation.

Our expertise

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Understand your challenges and your science

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Adapt the technical level to your audience

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Make your com-munication simple and efficient

Create adapted visuals for all types of media

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Our services

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Make visible the scientific concepts and processes that underly your innovation

Scientific illustration 

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Data representation

Transform your complex scientific data in compelling and easy-to-understand visuals 

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Powerpoint slide design

Pitch your innovation with slides that capture attention and perfectly communicate your science

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Brochure design

Spread efficiently your commercial and technical information

They trust us

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