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We create tailor-made
marketing materials

Biopixia is a graphic design

service company specialized

in biotechnology

We can
help you to...

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Convince investors

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Promote your innovation

to clients and partners

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Raise the visibility of your technology during congresses

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Improve your branding and communication materials

Our advantages

Ph.D.-level scientific expertise

coupled with design

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Understand your challenges and your science

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Make your communication simple, efficient and impactful

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Adapt the technical level to your audience

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Speed up the process

(low client involvement)

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Our services

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Scientific design 

Make visible the scientific concepts and processes that underly your innovation

  • Technology illustration

  • Process illustration

  • Data visualization

  • Scientific elements design

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Marketing design

Wrap your messages in adapted marketing materials and improve

your visual identity

  • PowerPoint presentation

  • Commercial brochure

  • Technical report

  • Flyer

  • Logo and branding

They trust us

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